Chapter 33.24 RCW



33.24.005"Mortgage" includes deed of trust and real estate contract.
33.24.007"Real property" defined.
33.24.010Authority to investLimits on loans and extensions of credit.
33.24.015Loans generallyLimitation.
33.24.020Obligations of United States or Canada.
33.24.025Investment in investment trusts or companies.
33.24.030Obligations of this state.
33.24.040Obligations of other states.
33.24.050Obligations of municipal corporations in this state.
33.24.060Obligations of municipal corporations in any state.
33.24.065Obligations issued or guaranteed by multilateral development bank.
33.24.070City or district light, water, and sewer revenue bonds.
33.24.080Local improvement district bonds.
33.24.090Obligations of federal and state agenciesInvestment in other associations.
33.24.100Loans or other obligations secured by real property.
33.24.115Forming, incorporating with, or investing in other entitiesLimitation.
33.24.160Investment in office equipment and real property interests used in doing business.
33.24.200Personal liability on unlawful loans.
33.24.210Revenue bonds of public utility districts.
33.24.220Stock or bonds of federal home loan bank.
33.24.270Stock in small business investment companies.
33.24.295Loans for nonbusiness family purposesLimitation.
33.24.345Acquisition of control of associationAuthorized.
33.24.350Acquisition of control of associationDefinitions.
33.24.360Acquisition of control of associationUnlawful, whenApplicationContentsNotice to other associationsPenalty.
33.24.370Acquisition of control of associationAction or proceeding to preventGrounds.
33.24.375Acquisition of control of associationApplication to foreign association branches.


Federal bonds and notes as investment or collateral: Chapter 39.60 RCW.
Interest and usury in general: Chapter 19.52 RCW.
Mortgages: Title 61 RCW.
Real property and conveyances: Title 64 RCW.