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Removal of trusteesVacanciesEligibility to reelection.

(1) Whenever, in the judgment of three-fourths of the trustees, the conduct and habits of a trustee of any savings bank are of such character as to be injurious to such bank, or he or she has been guilty of acts that are detrimental or hostile to the interests of the bank, he or she may be removed from office, at any regular meeting of the trustees, by the affirmative vote of three-fourths of the total number thereof: PROVIDED, That a written copy of the charges made against him or her has been served upon him or her personally at least two weeks before such meeting, that the vote of such trustees by ayes and noes is entered in the record of the minutes of such meeting, and that such removal receives the written approval of the director which shall be attached to the minutes of such meeting and form a part of the record.
(2) The office of a trustee of a savings bank shall immediately become vacant whenever he or she:
(a) Fails to comply with any of the provisions of RCW 32.16.020 relating to his or her official oath and declaration;
(b) Becomes disqualified for any of the reasons specified in RCW 32.16.010(2);
(c) Has failed to attend the regular meetings of the board of trustees, or to perform any of his or her duties as trustee, for a period of six successive months, unless excused by the board for such failure;
(d) Violates any of the provisions of RCW 32.16.070 imposing restrictions upon trustees and officers, except subsection (2)(c) thereof.
(3) A trustee who has forfeited or vacated his or her office shall not be eligible to reelection, except when the forfeiture or vacancy occurred solely by reason of his or her:
(a) Failure to comply with the provisions of RCW 32.16.020, relating to his or her official oath and declaration; or
(b) Neglect of his or her official duties as prescribed in subsection (2)(c) of this section; or
(c) Disqualification through becoming a nonresident, or becoming a trustee, officer, clerk or other employee of another savings bank, or becoming a director of a bank, trust company, or national banking association under the circumstances specified in RCW 32.16.070(1)(b) and such disqualification has been removed.
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