Chapter 32.16 RCW



32.16.010Board of trusteesNumberQualifications.
32.16.012Age requirements.
32.16.020Oath of trusteesDeclaration of incumbencyNot applicable to directors of stock savings banks.
32.16.030Vacancies, when to be filled.
32.16.050Compensation of trustees.
32.16.060Change in number of trustees.
32.16.070Restrictions on trustees.
32.16.080Removal of trusteesVacanciesEligibility to reelection.
32.16.090Removal of a board director, officer, or employeeProhibition from participation in conduct of affairsGroundsNotice.
32.16.0901Written notice of charges under RCW 32.16.090.
32.16.093Notice of intention to remove or prohibit participation in conduct of affairsHearingOrder of removal and/or prohibition.
32.16.095Removal of one or more trustees or directorsLack of quorumTemporary trustees.
32.16.097Penalty for violation of order issued under RCW 32.16.093.
32.16.100Examination by trustees' committeeReport.
32.16.120Fidelity bonds.
32.16.130Conversion of savings and loan association to mutual savings bankDirector may serve as trustee.
32.16.140ViolationsTrustees' or directors' liability.