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Oath of trusteesDeclaration of incumbencyNot applicable to directors of stock savings banks.

(1) Each trustee, whether named in the certificate of authorization or elected to fill a vacancy, shall, when such certificate of authorization has been issued, or when notified of such election, take an oath that he or she will, so far as it devolves on him or her, diligently and honestly administer the affairs of the savings bank, and will not knowingly violate, or willingly permit to be violated, any of the provisions of law applicable to such savings bank. Such oath shall be subscribed by the trustee making it and certified by the officer before whom it is taken, and shall be immediately transmitted to the director and filed and preserved in his or her office.
(2) Prior to the first day of March in each year, every trustee of every savings bank shall subscribe a declaration to the effect that he or she is, at the date thereof, a trustee of the savings bank, and that he or she has not resigned, become ineligible, or in any other manner vacated his or her office as such trustee. Such declaration shall be acknowledged in like manner as a deed to be entitled to record and shall be transmitted to the director and filed in his or her office prior to the tenth day of March in each year.
(3) This section does not apply to the directors of stock savings banks.


Reviser's note: This section was amended by 1994 c 92 § 328 and by 1994 c 256 § 102, each without reference to the other. Both amendments are incorporated in the publication of this section pursuant to RCW 1.12.025(2). For rule of construction, see RCW 1.12.025(1).
FindingsConstruction1994 c 256: See RCW 43.320.007.
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