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Board of trusteesNumberQualifications.

(1) There shall be a board of trustees who shall have the entire management and control of the affairs of the savings bank. The persons named in the certificate of authorization shall be the first trustees. The board shall consist of not less than nine nor more than thirty members.
(2) A person shall not be a trustee of a savings bank, if he or she:
(a) Is not a resident of a state of the United States;
(b) Has been adjudicated a bankrupt or has taken the benefit of any insolvency law, or has made a general assignment for the benefit of creditors;
(c) Has suffered a judgment recovered against him or her for a sum of money to remain unsatisfied of record or unsecured on appeal for a period of more than three months;
(d) Is a trustee, officer, clerk, or other employee of any other savings bank.
(3) Nor shall a person be a trustee of a savings bank solely by reason of his or her holding public office.
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