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Board of directors.

All the corporate powers of a development credit corporation shall be exercised by a board of not less than nine directors who shall be residents of this state. The number of directors and their term of office shall be determined by the stockholders at the first meeting held by the incorporators and at each annual meeting thereafter. In the first instance the directors shall be elected by the stockholders to serve until the first annual meeting. At the first annual meeting, and at each annual meeting thereafter, one-third of the directors shall be elected by a vote of the stockholders and the remaining two-thirds thereof shall be elected by members of the corporation herein provided for, each member having one vote. The removal of any director from this state shall immediately vacate his or her office. If any vacancy occurs in the board of directors through death, resignation, or otherwise, the remaining directors may elect a person to fill the vacancy until the next annual meeting of the corporation. The directors shall be annually sworn to the proper discharge of their duties and they shall hold office until others are elected or appointed and qualified in their stead.
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