Chapter 31.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 31.20.010Creation under general corporation laws authorized.
HTMLPDF 31.20.020Purposes specified.
HTMLPDF 31.20.030Corporate powers.
HTMLPDF 31.20.040Minimum capital stock.
HTMLPDF 31.20.050Board of directors.
HTMLPDF 31.20.060Members power to loan funds to corporation.
HTMLPDF 31.20.070Members of corporation enumerated.
HTMLPDF 31.20.080Members duty to loan funds to corporationMaximum limitsProration of calls.
HTMLPDF 31.20.090Withdrawal from membership.
HTMLPDF 31.20.100Surplus reserve required.
HTMLPDF 31.20.110Funds to be deposited in designated depository.
HTMLPDF 31.20.120Money deposits prohibited.
HTMLPDF 31.20.130Publication of annual statement of assets and liabilities.
HTMLPDF 31.20.140Participation in federal act authorized.