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Director supervision over authorized trust institutions.

(1) The director shall exercise supervision authority over state trust companies and also over out-of-state trust institutions as set forth in this chapter or to the extent provided for in cooperative agreements made by the director with the home states of out-of-state trust institutions pursuant to RCW 30B.38.060.
(2) The director shall execute and enforce through the department and such other agents as exist on or after January 5, 2015, all laws which exist on or after January 5, 2015, relating to state trust companies and out-of-state trust institutions engaged in trust business in Washington state.
(3) For the more complete and thorough enforcement of the provisions of this title, the department is authorized to adopt rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this title, as may, in its opinion, be necessary to carry out the provisions of this title and as may be further necessary to insure safe and sound management of trust institutions under its supervision taking into consideration the appropriate interest of the creditors, stockholders, participants, and the public in their relations with such trust institutions.
(4) A state trust company shall conduct its business in a manner consistent with all laws relating to trust companies, and all rules, regulations, and instructions that may be adopted or issued by the department.
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