Chapter 30B.10 RCW



HTMLPDF 30B.10.003Definitions.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.005Director supervision over authorized trust institutions.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.010Fee for examination.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.020Director to act under authority of the department's division of banks.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.030Generally accepted accounting principles.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.040Examination standards for state trust companiesRule makingSpecial conditions.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.045ExaminationsRequirementsReciprocal agreements permittedRecords, books, and accounts.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.050Duties of persons subject to authority of directorViolations.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.060Governing administrative law and procedure.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.070Administrative ordersPenalties for violation.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.080Suspension and removal of directors, officers, and employees.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.090Subpoena power and examination under oath.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.100Effect of final orders against officers, directors, employees, and agents.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.110Director's authority to protect the public and state trust institutions.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.120Director's subpoenas.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.130Scope of chapterRemedies.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.140HearingWho may conductAuthority.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.150Notice of charges.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.160HearingScheduleDefault.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.170HearingOrderReview or appeal.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.180Emergency orderJudicial review.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.190Order of prohibition against third-party service providersGroundsNotice.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.200Notice of intention to remove or prohibit participation in conduct of affairsHearingOrder.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.210Authority of director to seek removal by the board of a state trust company.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.220Jurisdiction of courts as to the department's enforcement ordersVenue.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.230General penaltyEffect of conviction.
HTMLPDF 30B.10.240Statute of limitations.