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Application of general business corporation laws.

(1) A state trust company shall be deemed a distinct type of corporation or limited liability trust company whose certificate of authority may be granted, conditioned, canceled, or revoked only by the department.
(2) Title 23B RCW applies to a state trust company in corporation form and chapter 25.15 RCW in limited liability company form to the extent not inconsistent with this title or the business of a state trust company, except that:
(a) Any reference to the secretary of state means the director unless the context requires otherwise; and
(b) The right of shareholders or participants to cumulative voting in the election of directors or managers exists only if granted by the state trust company's articles of incorporation or limited liability company agreement.
(3) Unless expressly authorized by this title or a rule of the department, a state trust company may not take an action authorized by Title 23B RCW or chapter 25.15 RCW regarding its corporate status, capital structure, or a matter of corporate governance, of the type for which Title 23B RCW or chapter 25.15 RCW would require a filing with the secretary of state if the state trust company were a business corporation, without first submitting the filing to the director for the same purposes for which it otherwise would be required to be submitted to the secretary of state.
(4) The department may adopt rules to limit or refine the applicability of subsection (2) of this section to a state trust company or to alter or supplement the procedures and requirements of Title 23B RCW or chapter 25.15 RCW applicable to an action taken under this chapter.
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