Chapter 30B.08 RCW



30B.08.005Who may organize a state trust company.
30B.08.010FormationIssuance of certificate of authorityAmendment of articles, etc.
30B.08.020Limited liability trust companyOrganization or conversionApproval of directorConditionsApplication of chapter 25.15 RCW.
30B.08.030Application for state trust company certificate of authority.
30B.08.040Notice and investigation of application.
30B.08.050Required capital.
30B.08.060Capital notes or debentures.
30B.08.070Application of general business corporation laws.
30B.08.080Powers of a state trust company.
30B.08.090Additional powers of a state trust companyFederal and interstate parityDisallowance by director.
30B.08.100Scope of regulated activities of a state trust company.
30B.08.110Internet trust business.