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FormationIssuance of certificate of authorityAmendment of articles, etc.

Except as set forth in this chapter or as may be prescribed by rule of the director, RCW 30A.08.020, 30A.08.040, 30A.08.050, 30A.08.055, 30A.08.060, 30A.08.070, 30A.08.081, 30A.08.082, 30A.08.083, 30A.08.084, 30A.08.086, 30A.08.087, 30A.08.088, 30A.08.090, 30A.08.092, and * 30A.08.170 shall, in relation to state trust companies, govern the formation, furnishing of notice, approval or refusal of articles of organization, effect of failure to commence business, issuance and treatment of shares or equity, rights of preferred or special shareholders, determination of capital impairment, treatment of authorized unissued shares, amendment of articles of organization, authorization of increase or decrease of stock or equity, and appointment of nominees for the holding of securities, the same as if a state trust company were a state bank under Title 30A RCW.


*Reviser's note: RCW 30A.08.170 was repealed by 2019 c 389 § 103.
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