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Grounds for determining need for supervisory directionAbatement of determinationSupervisory direction, procedureConservator, immunity.

(1) If upon examination or at any other time it appears to the director that any bank is in an unsafe condition and its condition is such as to render the continuance of its business hazardous to the public or to its depositors and creditors, or if such bank appears to have exceeded its powers or has failed to comply with the law, or if such bank gives its consent, then the director shall upon his or her determination (a) notify the bank of his or her determination, and (b) furnish to the bank a written list of the director requirements to abate his or her determination, and (c) if the director makes further determination to directly supervise, notify the bank that it is under the supervisory direction of the director and that the director is invoking the provisions of this chapter. If placed under supervisory direction the bank shall comply with the lawful requirements of the director within such time as provided in the notice of the director, subject however, to the provisions of this chapter. If the bank fails to comply within such time the director may appoint a conservator as hereafter provided.
(2) A person appointed as conservator by the director pursuant to this chapter is immune from criminal, civil, and administrative liability for any act done in good faith in the performance of the duties of conservator.
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