Chapter 30A.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 30A.46.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.020Grounds for determining need for supervisory directionAbatement of determinationSupervisory direction, procedureConservator, immunity.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.030Supervisory directionAppointment of representative to superviseRestrictions on operations.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.040ConservatorAppointmentGroundsPowers, duties, and functions.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.050Costs as charge against bank's assets.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.060Request for review of actionStay of actionOrders subject to review.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.070Suits against bank or conservator, where broughtSuits by conservator.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.080Duration of conservator's termRehabilitated banksManagement.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.090Authority of director.
HTMLPDF 30A.46.100Rules.