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Declaration of candidacyWhere filedCopy to public disclosure commission.

(1) Declarations of candidacy shall be filed with the following filing officers:
(a) The secretary of state for declarations of candidacy for statewide offices, United States senate, United States house of representatives, Washington state legislature, court of appeals, and superior court. The secretary of state shall establish contingency plans, consistent with this subsection, to support candidate filing for state legislative candidates who have not yet filed their declaration of candidacy in the case that a localized or system-wide internet outage or a disruption to the secretary of state's candidate filing website occurs during the two hours immediately preceding the filing deadline. The secretary of state shall immediately process all filings received pursuant to the contingency plan;
(b) The county auditor for all other offices. For any nonpartisan office, other than judicial offices and school director in joint districts, where voters from a district comprising more than one county vote upon the candidates, a declaration of candidacy shall be filed with the county auditor of the county in which a majority of the registered voters of the district reside. For school directors in joint school districts, the declaration of candidacy shall be filed with the county auditor of the county designated by the superintendent of public instruction as the county to which the joint school district is considered as belonging under RCW 28A.323.040.
(2) Each official with whom declarations of candidacy are filed under this section, within one business day following the closing of the applicable filing period, shall transmit to the public disclosure commission the information required in RCW 29A.24.031 (1) through (4) for each declaration of candidacy filed with the official's office during such filing period or a list containing the name of each candidate who files such a declaration with the official's office during such filing period together with a precise identification of the position sought by each such candidate and the date on which each such declaration was filed. Such official, within three days following the receipt of any letter withdrawing a person's name as a candidate, shall also forward a copy of such withdrawal letter to the public disclosure commission.


FindingsPurposePart headings not law2006 c 263: See notes following RCW 28A.150.230.
ImplementationCaptions not law2002 c 140: See notes following RCW 29A.24.040.
Effective dateSeverability1977 ex.s. c 361: See notes following RCW 29A.16.040.
Construction1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 112: See RCW 42.17A.907.
Public disclosureCampaign finances, lobbying, records: Chapter 42.17A RCW.
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