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Opportunity internship programList of employed graduatesVerificationIncentive payments.

(1) On an annual basis, each opportunity internship consortium shall provide the board with a list of the opportunity internship graduates from the consortium who have completed a postsecondary program of study, obtained employment in a high-demand occupation that pays a starting salary or wages of not less than thirty thousand dollars per year, and remained employed for at least six months.
(2) The board shall verify the information on the lists from each consortium. Subject to funds appropriated or otherwise available for this purpose, the board shall allocate to each consortium an incentive payment of two thousand dollars for each graduate on the consortium's list. In the event that insufficient funds are appropriated to provide a full payment, the board shall prorate payments across all consortia and shall notify the governor and the legislature of the amount of the shortfall.
(3) Opportunity internship consortia shall use the incentive payments to continue operating opportunity internship programs.


FindingsIntent2009 c 238: See note following RCW 28C.18.160.
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