Chapter 28C.18 RCW



28C.18.020Workforce training and education coordinating board.
28C.18.030Purpose of the board.
28C.18.040Director's duties.
28C.18.050Board designation and functions for federal purposesMonitoring state plans for consistency.
28C.18.060Board's duties.
28C.18.068Policies to accommodate student absences for reasons of faith or conscience or for activities conducted under the auspices of a religious organization.
28C.18.070Intent"Program" clarified.
28C.18.080Comprehensive planContentsUpdatesAgency operating plansReports to the legislature.
28C.18.090Additional board dutiesProgram evaluation by operating agencies.
28C.18.100Assessments by boardBiennial report to legislature and governor.
28C.18.110Identification of policies and methods to promote efficiency and sharing of resourcesReport to governor and legislature.
28C.18.120State strategic plan for supply of health care personnelReports.
28C.18.130Industry skill panelsGrantsRole.
28C.18.140Industry skill panelsStandardsReport.
28C.18.150Local unified plan for the workforce development systemStrategic plan.
28C.18.160Opportunity internship programPurposeProgram incentivesRules.
28C.18.162Opportunity internship programDefinitions.
28C.18.164Opportunity internship programOpportunity internship consortiaContractsFederal funds.
28C.18.166Opportunity internship programList of consortium graduatesNotifying office of student financial assistance of Washington college grant eligibility.
28C.18.168Opportunity internship programList of employed graduatesVerificationIncentive payments.
28C.18.170Green industry skill panelsPrioritization of workforce training programs.
28C.18.180Lifelong learning program.
28C.18.190Aerospace and advanced materials manufacturingProgram reviewAnalysis of training system.
28C.18.200Workforce education investment accountability and oversight board.


Centers of excellence: RCW 28B.50.902.
Dual credit programsAnnual report: RCW 28A.600.280.
Duty relative to opportunity scholarship program: RCW 28B.145.060.