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Student enrollment reportingFundingDistribution and reconciling of funding in school's first year of operation.

(1) Charter schools must report student enrollment in the same manner, and based on the same definitions of enrolled students and annual average full-time equivalent enrollment, as other public schools. Charter schools must comply with applicable reporting requirements to receive state or federal funding that is distributed based on student characteristics.
(2) In accordance with appropriations made under RCW 28A.710.270 and 28A.710.280, the superintendent of public instruction shall distribute state funding to charter schools according to the schedule established in RCW 28A.510.250.
(3) Amounts distributed to a charter school under RCW 28A.710.280 in the school's first year of operation must be based on the projections of first-year student enrollment established in the charter contract. The office of the superintendent of public instruction must reconcile the amounts distributed in the first year of operation to the amounts that would have been distributed based on actual student enrollment and make adjustments to the charter school's distributions over the course of the second year of operation.
(4) Any moneys received by a charter school from any source and remaining in the school's accounts at the end of a budget year must remain in the school's accounts for use by the school during subsequent budget years.
[ 2016 c 241 § 122. Prior: 2013 c 2 § 222 (Initiative Measure No. 1240, approved November 6, 2012).]
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