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Charter school termination protocolDissolution of nonprofit corporation applicantTransfer of charter contract.

(1) Before making a decision to not renew or to revoke a charter contract, an authorizer must develop a charter school termination protocol to ensure timely notification to parents, orderly transition of students and student records to new schools, as necessary, and proper disposition of public school funds, property, and assets. The protocol must specify tasks, timelines, and responsible parties, including delineating the respective duties of the charter school and the authorizer.
(2) If the nonprofit corporation operator of a charter school should dissolve for any reason including, without limitation, because of the termination of the charter contract, the public school funds of the charter school that have been provided pursuant to RCW 28A.710.220 must be returned to the state or local account from which the public funds originated. If the charter school has commingled the funds, the funds must be returned in proportion to the proportion of those funds received by the charter school from the public accounts in the last year preceding the dissolution. The dissolution of a nonprofit corporation shall otherwise proceed as provided by law.
(3) A charter contract may not be transferred from one authorizer to another or from one charter school to another before the expiration of the charter contract term except by petition to the state board of education by the charter school or its authorizer. The state board of education must review such petitions on a case-by-case basis and may grant transfer requests in response to special circumstances and evidence that such a transfer would serve the best interests of the charter school's students.
[ 2016 c 241 § 121. Prior: 2013 c 2 § 221 (Initiative Measure No. 1240, approved November 6, 2012).]
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