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Governance structure.

(1) Under the constitutional framework and the laws of the state of Washington, the governance structure for the state's public common school system is comprised of the following bodies: The legislature, the governor, the superintendent of public instruction, the state board of education, the educational service district boards of directors, and local school district boards of directors. The respective policy and administrative roles of each body are determined by the state Constitution and statutes.
(2) Local school districts are political subdivisions of the state and the organization of such districts, including the powers, duties, and boundaries thereof, may be altered or abolished by laws of the state of Washington.
[ 2016 c 241 § 132. Prior: 2013 c 2 § 302 (Initiative Measure No. 1240, approved November 6, 2012); 1999 c 315 § 1.]


Effective date2016 c 241: See RCW 28A.710.901.
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