Chapter 28A.315 RCW



HTMLPDF 28A.315.005Governance structure.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.015PurposePolicy.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.025Definitions.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.035Organization of school districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.045Reorganization.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.055Conflicting or incorrectly described school district boundaries.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.065District boundary changesFiling with county auditor.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.085Personnel and suppliesReimbursement.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.095Regional committeesPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.105Regional committeesAppointment and terms of membersNew regional committees.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.115Regional committeesMembership limitation.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.155Regional committeesMembers' expenses reimbursed.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.165Regional committeesOrganization, meetings, quorum.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.175Superintendent of public instructionPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.185Annual training.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.195Transfer of territory by petitionRequirementsRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.199Transfer of territory or dissolution of financially insolvent school district by petitionNotification to affected districtsMediationRequest for hearingNotification to regional committeeCosts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.205Transfer of territory or dissolution by petitionRegional committee responsibilitiesRulesAppeals.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.215Transfer of territory or annexation of financially insolvent district by agreement or orderApprovalOrderPreviously approved and imposed excess tax levies.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.221Financial oversight committeeMembershipReview of financially insolvent districtsEnhanced financial monitoringRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.225Dissolution and annexation of certain districtsDissolution of financially insolvent districtsAnnexation of nondistrict property.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.229Employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements in dissolved financially insolvent districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.235ConsolidationPetition.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.245Adjustment of assets and liabilities.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.255Adjustment of indebtedness.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.265Adjustment of bonded indebtednessOrderSpecial elections.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.275Notice of elections.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.285Special electionDeterminationOrderCertification.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.295Rejection of proposal.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.305School district organizational changesCorporate existencePayment of bonded indebtednessLevy authorityLevy requirements for dissolved or annexed financially insolvent school districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.308School district organization changesAdjustment of school district assets and liabilitiesSchool districts in two or more educational service districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.311Validation of proceedings to effect dissolution, annexation, consolidation, or transfer of territory between districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.315Appeal.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.325Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.315.902Rule-making authority2012 c 186.


Redistricting by local governments and municipal corporationsCensus information forPlan, prepared when, criteria for, hearing on, request for review of, certification, remandSanctions when review request frivolous: RCW 29A.76.010.
School district boundary changesExcess levies: RCW 84.09.037.