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Allocation of moneyAccountability requirementsRules.

The superintendent of public instruction shall:
(1) Allocate money appropriated by the legislature to administer and provide education programs under this chapter to school districts that have assumed the primary responsibility to administer and provide education programs under this chapter or to the educational service district operating the program under contract; and
(2) Adopt rules that apply to school districts and educational providers in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW that establish reporting, program compliance, audit, and such other accountability requirements as are reasonably necessary to implement this chapter and related provisions of the omnibus appropriations act effectively. In adopting the rules pursuant to this subsection, the superintendent of public instruction shall collaborate with representatives from the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs and shall attempt to negotiate rules that deliver the educational program in the most cost-effective manner while, to the extent practicable, not imposing additional costs on local jail facilities.
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