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Instructional service plansNotice of closure of facility or unavailability of facility for juveniles.

(1) By September 30, 2010, districts must, in coordination with adult jail facilities residing within their boundaries, submit an instructional service plan to the office of the superintendent of public instruction. Service plans must meet requirements stipulated in the rules developed in accordance with RCW 28A.194.080, provided that (a) the rules shall not govern requirements regarding security within the jail facility nor the physical facility of the adult jail , including but not limited to, the classroom space chosen for instruction, and (b) any excess costs to the jails associated with implementing rules shall be negotiated pursuant to the contractual agreements between the education provider and adult jail facility.
(2) Once districts have submitted a plan to the office of the superintendent of public instruction, districts are not required to resubmit their plans unless either districts or adult jail facilities initiate a significant change to their plans.
(3) An adult jail facility shall notify the office of the superintendent of public instruction as soon as practicable upon the closure of any adult jail facility or upon the adoption of a policy that no juvenile shall be held in the adult jail facility.
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