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Governor's award for excellence in teaching history.

(1) Many people throughout the state contribute significantly to the promotion of historical study as a means to give the state's citizens a better sense of the past. The Washington state historical society recognizes the accomplishments of many men and women in the teaching professions whose skill and achievement in the inculcating of historic values are not given the recognition nor the support they deserve or given the encouragement to continue their work.
(2) The governor's award for excellence in teaching history is created to annually recognize teachers and public and private nonprofit historical organizations that have organized, conducted, published, or offered on a consistently exemplary basis, outstanding activities that promote a better understanding and appreciation of the state's history. One cash award to an individual teacher and one cash award to an organization shall be made each year. The sums described in this section shall be raised through solicitations from private donors.
(3) The Washington state historical society's board of trustees shall make the final determination of award recipients.
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