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Women's history consortiumCreatedWashington state historical society as managing agency.

(1) A women's history consortium is created with the Washington state historical society as the managing agency. To ensure geographic, demographic, and subject matter diversity, the consortium shall be managed by a board of advisors representing a range of perspectives, including private citizens, business, labor, historical societies, colleges and universities, educators, tribes, and public officials. Appointment of the board of advisors must be completed by September 30, 2005.
(2) The consortium is attached to the Washington state historical society as the managing agency. Accordingly, the agency shall:
(a) Direct and supervise the budgeting, recordkeeping, recording, and related administrative and clerical functions of the consortium;
(b) Include the consortium's budgetary requests in the society's departmental budget;
(c) Collect all nonappropriated revenues for the consortium and deposit them in the proper fund or account;
(d) Provide staff support for the consortium;
(e) Print and disseminate for the consortium any required notices, rules, or orders adopted by the consortium; and
(f) Allocate or otherwise provide office space for the consortium as may be necessary.


FindingIntent2005 c 391: "The legislature finds that Washington state is widely recognized as being a steady leader in advancing rights and opportunities for women in all spheres of life. The legislature declares its intent to initiate the establishment of a Washington women's history consortium. This will improve the availability of historical information about the many actions taken by Washingtonians which have resulted in such notable and influential achievements for women and girls, for use by citizens, educators, researchers, and historians." [ 2005 c 391 § 1.]
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