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PartnersDissenters' noticeRequirements.

(1) If the plan of merger is approved, the partnership shall deliver a written dissenters' notice to all partners who satisfied the requirements of RCW 25.05.435.
(2) The dissenters' notice required by RCW 25.05.430(2) or by subsection (1) of this section must be sent within ten days after the approval of the plan of merger, and must:
(a) State where the payment demand must be sent;
(b) Inform partners as to the extent transfer of the partner's interest in the partnership will be restricted as permitted by RCW 25.05.450 after the payment demand is received;
(c) Supply a form for demanding payment;
(d) Set a date by which the partnership must receive the payment demand, which date may not be fewer than thirty nor more than sixty days after the date the notice under this section is delivered; and
(e) Be accompanied by a copy of this article.
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