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Grain indemnity fund programActivationIn lieu of other security.

(1) The provisions of this section and RCW 22.09.416 through 22.09.471 constitute the grain indemnity fund program. RCW 22.09.416 through 22.09.471 shall take effect on a date specified by the director but within ninety days after receipt by the director of a petition seeking implementation of the grain indemnity fund program provided for in this chapter and a determination by the director, following a public hearing on said petition, that a grain indemnity fund program is in the interest of the agricultural industry of this state. The petition shall be signed by licensees of at least thirty-three percent of the grain warehouses and thirty-three percent of the grain dealers. At least sixty days in advance, the director shall notify each licensed warehouse and grain dealer of the effective date of the grain indemnity fund program provisions.
(2) The grain indemnity fund program, if activated by the director, shall be in lieu of the bonding and security provisions of RCW 22.09.090 and 22.09.095.


Severability1987 c 509: See note following RCW 22.09.060.
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