Chapter 22.09 RCW



HTMLPDF 22.09.011Definitions.
HTMLPDF 22.09.020Department authorityRules.
HTMLPDF 22.09.030Warehouse license or licenses required.
HTMLPDF 22.09.035Grain dealer license required, exception.
HTMLPDF 22.09.040Application for warehouse license.
HTMLPDF 22.09.045Application for grain dealer license.
HTMLPDF 22.09.050Warehouse license feesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 22.09.055Grain dealerExempt grain dealersLicense feesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 22.09.060Bond or certificate of deposit and insurance prerequisite to licenseExemption.
HTMLPDF 22.09.070Warehouse licensesIssuancePostingDuration.
HTMLPDF 22.09.075Grain dealer licensesIssuancePostingDuration.
HTMLPDF 22.09.080LicensesDenialSuspensionRevocation.
HTMLPDF 22.09.090Bond requisitesCertificate of deposit or other securityAdditional securitySuspension of license for failure to maintain.
HTMLPDF 22.09.095Single bond by multiple applicants.
HTMLPDF 22.09.100BondsDurationRelease of suretyCancellation by surety.
HTMLPDF 22.09.110Casualty insurance requiredCertificate to be filed.
HTMLPDF 22.09.120InsuranceCancellation procedureSuspension of license.
HTMLPDF 22.09.130Rights and duties of warehouse operatorDuty to serveReceiptsSpecial binningUnsuitable commoditiesPut through commodities.
HTMLPDF 22.09.140Rights and duties of licenseesPartial withdrawalAdjustment or substitution of receiptLiability to third parties.
HTMLPDF 22.09.150Rights and duties of warehouse operatorDelivery of stored commoditiesDamages.
HTMLPDF 22.09.160Rights and duties of licenseesDisposition of hazardous commodities.
HTMLPDF 22.09.170Rights and duties of warehouse operatorSpecial disposition of commodities under written order.
HTMLPDF 22.09.175Presumptions regarding commoditiesApproval of contracts.
HTMLPDF 22.09.180Rights and duties of licenseesRecords, contentsItemized charges.
HTMLPDF 22.09.190Rights and duties of warehouse operatorRebates, preferences, etc., prohibited.
HTMLPDF 22.09.195Rights and duties of warehouse operatorRCW 22.09.190 inapplicable to contracts with governmental agencies.
HTMLPDF 22.09.200Rights and duties of licenseesReports to department.
HTMLPDF 22.09.220Rights and duties of licenseesPremises, construction and maintenance.
HTMLPDF 22.09.230Rights and duties of warehouse licenseesSignsUse of "Washington Bonded Warehouse."
HTMLPDF 22.09.240Rights and duties of warehouse operatorSchedule of ratesPostingRevision.
HTMLPDF 22.09.250Rights and duties of warehouse operatorUnlawful practices.
HTMLPDF 22.09.260Deposit of commodities unfit for human consumptionNotice.
HTMLPDF 22.09.290Warehouse receiptsRequired terms.
HTMLPDF 22.09.300Warehouse receiptsForms, numbering, printing, bondCompliance with Article 7 of Title 62A RCWConfiscation.
HTMLPDF 22.09.310Warehouse receiptsDealing in unauthorized receipts prohibitedPenalty.
HTMLPDF 22.09.320Warehouse receiptsLost or destroyed receipts.
HTMLPDF 22.09.330Scale weight tickets not precluded.
HTMLPDF 22.09.340Examination of receipts and commoditiesRequestFeeAccess to binsRecords and accountsOut-of-state offices.
HTMLPDF 22.09.345InspectionsNotice, when issuedFailure to comply, penaltyCourt orderCosts, expenses, attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 22.09.350Remedies of department on discovery of shortage.
HTMLPDF 22.09.361Seizure of commodities or warehouse operator's recordsDepartment dutiesWarehouse operator's remediesExpenses and attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 22.09.371Depositor's lien.
HTMLPDF 22.09.381Depositors' claims, processing by department.
HTMLPDF 22.09.391Depositor's lienLiquidation procedure.
HTMLPDF 22.09.405Grain indemnity fund programActivationIn lieu of other security.
HTMLPDF 22.09.411Grain indemnity fund programFund establishedContents, deposits, disbursements, use.
HTMLPDF 22.09.416Grain indemnity fund programAssessments.
HTMLPDF 22.09.421Grain indemnity fund programInitial assessmentEffect on preceding securityNew applicants for warehouse or grain dealer licenses.
HTMLPDF 22.09.426Grain indemnity fund programAnnual assessmentsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 22.09.431Grain indemnity fund programAdditional security.
HTMLPDF 22.09.436Grain indemnity fund programAdvisory committee.
HTMLPDF 22.09.441Grain indemnity fund programProcessing of claims.
HTMLPDF 22.09.446Grain indemnity fund programFailure to file claim in time.
HTMLPDF 22.09.451Grain indemnity fund programPayment limitations.
HTMLPDF 22.09.456Grain indemnity fund programAdditional payment limitations.
HTMLPDF 22.09.461Grain indemnity fund programPayment of claimsRestrictions, priority.
HTMLPDF 22.09.466Grain indemnity fund programDebt and obligation of grain dealer or warehouse operatorRecovery by director.
HTMLPDF 22.09.471Grain indemnity fund programProceedings against licensee.
HTMLPDF 22.09.520Deposits as bailments.
HTMLPDF 22.09.570Action on bond by directorAuthorizedGrounds.
HTMLPDF 22.09.580Action on bond by directorFailure of depositor creditor to file claim upon requestEffect.
HTMLPDF 22.09.590Action on bond by directorRecords as to depositor creditors missing or information incompleteEffect.
HTMLPDF 22.09.600Action on bond by directorPowers of director.
HTMLPDF 22.09.610Action on bond by directorWhen authorizedNew bond, when requiredPenalty for failure to file.
HTMLPDF 22.09.615Action by depositor upon licensee's bond.
HTMLPDF 22.09.620Payment for agricultural commodities purchasedTime requirements.
HTMLPDF 22.09.630Payment violationsRecovery by departmentCharges to depositors.
HTMLPDF 22.09.640Publication and distribution of list of licensed warehouses.
HTMLPDF 22.09.650Remedies of department as to stations.
HTMLPDF 22.09.660Emergency storage situationForwarding to other warehouses.
HTMLPDF 22.09.710Designation of inspection points and terminal warehouses.
HTMLPDF 22.09.720Grades and standards of commoditiesRegulations.
HTMLPDF 22.09.730Inspection or grading of commoditiesMethods.
HTMLPDF 22.09.740Inspection or grading of commoditiesFile samples, retention.
HTMLPDF 22.09.750Inspection or grading of commoditiesPowers and duties of inspectors at terminal warehousesRecordkeeping.
HTMLPDF 22.09.760Inspection or grading of commoditiesNo inspection if commodity is to be loaded into defective container.
HTMLPDF 22.09.770Inspection or grading of commoditiesUnlawful practicesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 22.09.780Inspection or grading of commodities.
HTMLPDF 22.09.790Inspection or grading of commoditiesFees and charges.
HTMLPDF 22.09.800Inspection or grading of commoditiesScales and weighing.
HTMLPDF 22.09.810Inspection or grading of commoditiesInspection of commodities shipped to or from places other than inspection points.
HTMLPDF 22.09.820Inspection or grading of commoditiesUnloading commodity without inspection or weighing.
HTMLPDF 22.09.830Grain inspection revolving fundHop inspection fundGrain warehouse audit account.
HTMLPDF 22.09.840Fumigated conveyances to be labeled.
HTMLPDF 22.09.850Railroads to provide side tracks and track scalesWeighing of cars.
HTMLPDF 22.09.860Police protection of terminal yards and tracks.
HTMLPDF 22.09.870Injunctions.
HTMLPDF 22.09.880Cooperation with governmental agencies and private associations.
HTMLPDF 22.09.890General penalty.
HTMLPDF 22.09.895Civil penalty.
HTMLPDF 22.09.900Continuation of rules adopted pursuant to repealed chapter.
HTMLPDF 22.09.910Savings1963 c 124.
HTMLPDF 22.09.920Construction as to Article 7 of Title 62A RCW.
HTMLPDF 22.09.930Effective date1963 c 124.


Commodity transactions: Chapter 21.30 RCW.