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Investigations, examinations, inspectionsSearch warrantsSubpoenas.

The director on his or her own motion or upon the verified complaint of any interested party may investigate, examine, or inspect (1) any transaction involving solicitation, receipt, sale, or attempted sale of agricultural products by any person or persons acting or assuming to act as a commission merchant, dealer, broker, cash buyer, or agent; (2) the failure to make proper and true account of sales and settlement thereof as required under this chapter or rules adopted under this chapter; (3) the intentional making of false statements as to conditions and quantity of any agricultural products received or in storage; (4) the intentional making of false statements as to market conditions; (5) the failure to make payment for products within the time required by this chapter; (6) any and all other injurious transactions. In furtherance of such an investigation, examination, or inspection, the director or an authorized representative may examine that portion of the ledgers, books, accounts, memoranda and other documents, agricultural products, scales, measures, and other articles and things used in connection with the business of the person relating to the transactions involved. For the purpose of the investigation the director shall at all times have free and unimpeded access to all buildings, yards, warehouses, storage, and transportation facilities or any other place where agricultural products are kept, stored, handled, or transported. If the director is denied access, the director may apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for a search warrant authorizing access to the premises and records. The court may upon the application issue the search warrant for the purposes requested. The director may also, for the purpose of the investigation, issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses, as provided in RCW 20.01.170, or the production of books or documents, anywhere in the state.
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