Chapter 20.01 RCW



HTMLPDF 20.01.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 20.01.020Rules and regulationsEnforcement of chapterInterference prohibited.
HTMLPDF 20.01.030Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 20.01.038License required of persons dealing in livestock, hay, grain, or straw.
HTMLPDF 20.01.040LicenseGenerally.
HTMLPDF 20.01.050License renewals.
HTMLPDF 20.01.060Licensee in one class may obtain license in anotherAdditional fee.
HTMLPDF 20.01.070Application for licenseContents.
HTMLPDF 20.01.080Commission merchant's schedule of commissions and chargesChanges, posting.
HTMLPDF 20.01.086Waiver of reporting, accounting, and recordkeeping requirements prohibited.
HTMLPDF 20.01.090Agent to disclose principal licensee and his endorsement.
HTMLPDF 20.01.100Issuance of licenseExpiration dateFraudulent application grounds for refusal, revocation.
HTMLPDF 20.01.110Publication of list of licensees and rulesPosting license.
HTMLPDF 20.01.120Vehicle license plates.
HTMLPDF 20.01.125Hay or strawCertified vehicle tare and load weightsViolations.
HTMLPDF 20.01.130Disposition of moneys.
HTMLPDF 20.01.140Change in organization of firm to be reported.
HTMLPDF 20.01.150Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses, probationary ordersAuthority.
HTMLPDF 20.01.160Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses, probationary ordersProcedure.
HTMLPDF 20.01.170Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses, probationary ordersSubpoenas, witnesses, testimony, fees.
HTMLPDF 20.01.180Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses, probationary ordersFindings and conclusionsRecord.
HTMLPDF 20.01.190Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses, probationary ordersFinal action in writingAppeal to superior court.
HTMLPDF 20.01.200Denial, suspension, revocation of licenses, probationary ordersAppellate review.
HTMLPDF 20.01.205License suspensionNoncompliance with support orderReissuance.
HTMLPDF 20.01.210Commission merchants, dealersBonds.
HTMLPDF 20.01.211Alternative bonding provision for certain dealers.
HTMLPDF 20.01.212Livestock dealers bonded under federal law.
HTMLPDF 20.01.214Appeal from rejected bond claim.
HTMLPDF 20.01.220Action on bond for fraud.
HTMLPDF 20.01.230Action on bond for failure to comply with chapter.
HTMLPDF 20.01.240Claims against commission merchant, dealer.
HTMLPDF 20.01.250Failure of consignor to file claim, time limitation.
HTMLPDF 20.01.260Director not liable if circumstances prevent ascertainment of creditorsDemand on bond.
HTMLPDF 20.01.270Demand on bond after claims ascertainedPower of director to settle, compromise.
HTMLPDF 20.01.280Action on bond after refusal to payNew bond, failure to file.
HTMLPDF 20.01.300Verified complaints of consignorInvestigations.
HTMLPDF 20.01.310Oaths, testimony, witnesses, subpoenasContempt proceedingsRecords as evidence.
HTMLPDF 20.01.320Investigations, examinations, inspectionsSearch warrantsSubpoenas.
HTMLPDF 20.01.330Denial, revocation, suspension, or condition of licenses, probationary ordersGrounds.
HTMLPDF 20.01.340Denial, revocation, suspension of licenses, probationary ordersPrevious violations as grounds.
HTMLPDF 20.01.350Denial, revocation, suspension of licenses, probationary ordersHearing, investigationFindings requiredNotices.
HTMLPDF 20.01.360Order of revocation, suspension.
HTMLPDF 20.01.370Commission merchantsRecordkeeping.
HTMLPDF 20.01.380Dealers, cash buyers, livestock dealersRecordkeepingCarrying identification and health documents.
HTMLPDF 20.01.385Failure to complyConstruction of transaction.
HTMLPDF 20.01.390When dealer must pay for products delivered to him or her.
HTMLPDF 20.01.400Broker's memorandum of sale.
HTMLPDF 20.01.410Manifest of cargoBill of lading.
HTMLPDF 20.01.420Commission merchant's report of sale to consignor.
HTMLPDF 20.01.430Commission merchant's remittance to consignor.
HTMLPDF 20.01.440Commission merchant's copy of records to be retainedInspectionDepartment's certificate of condition, quality, etc.
HTMLPDF 20.01.450Claims against seller by dealer, cash buyerCredit to dealer, cash buyer against consignorCertificate of proof.
HTMLPDF 20.01.460Prohibited actsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 20.01.465Time of sale requirementUnlawful practice.
HTMLPDF 20.01.470Action to enjoin violation of chapter.
HTMLPDF 20.01.475Licensee under chapterPrima facie evidence acting as licensee handling agricultural products.
HTMLPDF 20.01.480Violations resulting in improper or nonpaymentCharges.
HTMLPDF 20.01.482Civil infractionsNoticeMisdemeanors.
HTMLPDF 20.01.484Civil infractionsResponse to notice.
HTMLPDF 20.01.486Civil infractionsHearing to contest chargeOrderAppeal.
HTMLPDF 20.01.488Civil infractionsInformal hearing on mitigating circumstancesOrderNo appeal.
HTMLPDF 20.01.490Civil infractionsMonetary penaltyFailure to pay, misdemeanor.
HTMLPDF 20.01.500"Grower," "processor" definedApplication of exemption contained in RCW 20.01.030(1).
HTMLPDF 20.01.510Processor's form showing maximum processing capacity.
HTMLPDF 20.01.520Processor to have grower contracts and commitments on file.
HTMLPDF 20.01.530Grower may file form showing crops processor is committed to purchase.
HTMLPDF 20.01.540Committing to purchase more crops than plants can processViolation.
HTMLPDF 20.01.550Discrimination by processor.
HTMLPDF 20.01.560Effective date of RCW 20.01.500 through 20.01.550.
HTMLPDF 20.01.570Cash or other security in lieu of surety bond.
HTMLPDF 20.01.610Authority to stop vehicle violating chapterFailure to stop, civil infraction.
HTMLPDF 20.01.900Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 20.01.920Effective date1959 c 139.
HTMLPDF 20.01.930Repealer.
HTMLPDF 20.01.940RepealerSavings1979 ex.s. c 115.


Administrative Procedure Act: Chapter 34.05 RCW.
Lien for transportation, storage, advancements, etc.: Chapter 60.60 RCW.