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Livestock dealers bonded under federal law.

If an applicant for a commission merchant's and/or dealer's license is bonded as a livestock dealer or packer under the provisions of the packers and stockyards act of 1921 (7 U.S.C. 181), as amended, on June 13, 1963, and acts as a commission merchant, packer, and/or a dealer only in livestock as defined in said packers and stockyards act of 1921 (7 U.S.C. 181), the director may accept such bond in lieu of the bond required in RCW 20.01.210 as good and sufficient and issue the applicant a license limited solely to dealing in livestock. A dealer buying and selling livestock who has furnished a bond as required by the packers and stockyards administration to cover acting as order buyer as well as dealer may also act as an order buyer for others under the provisions of this chapter, and all persons who act as order buyers of livestock shall license under this chapter as a livestock dealer: PROVIDED, That the applicant shall furnish the director with a bond approved by the United States secretary of agriculture. Such bond shall be in a minimum amount of ten thousand dollars. It shall be a violation for the licensee to act as a commission merchant and/or dealer in any other agricultural commodity without first having notified the director and furnishing him or her with a bond as required under the provisions of RCW 20.01.210, and failure to furnish the director with such bond shall be cause for the immediate suspension of the licensee's license, and revocation subject to a hearing.
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