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Powers of governors.

The said board of governors shall have power, in its discretion, from time to time to adopt rules
(1) concerning membership and the classification thereof into active, inactive and honorary members; and
(2) concerning the enrollment and privileges of membership; and
(3) defining the other officers of the state bar, the time, place and method of their selection, and their respective powers, duties, terms of office and compensation; and
(4) concerning annual and special meetings; and
(5) concerning the collection, the deposit and the disbursement of the membership and admission fees, penalties, and all other funds; and
(6) providing for the organization and government of district and/or other local subdivisions of the state bar; and
(7) providing for all other matters, whether similar to the foregoing or not, affecting in any way whatsoever, the organization and functioning of the state bar. Any such rule may be modified, or rescinded, or a new rule adopted, by a vote of the active members under rules to be prescribed by the board of governors.
[ 1933 c 94 § 7; RRS § 138-7.]
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