Chapter 2.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.48.010Objects and powers.
HTMLPDF 2.48.020First members.
HTMLPDF 2.48.021New members.
HTMLPDF 2.48.030Board of governors.
HTMLPDF 2.48.035Board of governorsMembershipEffect of creation of new congressional districts or boundaries.
HTMLPDF 2.48.040State bar governed by board of governors.
HTMLPDF 2.48.050Powers of governors.
HTMLPDF 2.48.060Admission and disbarment.
HTMLPDF 2.48.070Admission of veterans.
HTMLPDF 2.48.080Admission of veteransEstablishment of requirements if in service.
HTMLPDF 2.48.090Admission of veteransEstablishment of requirements if discharged.
HTMLPDF 2.48.110Admission of veteransFees of veterans.
HTMLPDF 2.48.130Membership feeActive.
HTMLPDF 2.48.140Membership feeInactive.
HTMLPDF 2.48.150Admission fees.
HTMLPDF 2.48.160Suspension for nonpayment of fees.
HTMLPDF 2.48.166Admission to or suspension from practiceNoncompliance with support orderRules.
HTMLPDF 2.48.170Only active members may practice law.
HTMLPDF 2.48.180DefinitionsUnlawful practice a crimeCause for disciplineUnprofessional conductDefenseInjunctionRemediesCostsAttorneys' feesTime limit for action.
HTMLPDF 2.48.190Qualifications on admission to practice.
HTMLPDF 2.48.200Restrictions on practice by certain officers.
HTMLPDF 2.48.220Grounds of disbarment or suspension.
HTMLPDF 2.48.230Code of ethics.


Rules of court: See Rules of Professional Responsibility, Rules for Lawyer Discipline, also Admission to Practice Rules.
School district hearings, hearing officers as members of state bar association: RCW 28A.405.310.
Statute law committee, membership on: RCW 1.08.001.