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Electric vehicle supply equipment interoperability standards.

(1) Interoperability standards provide safeguards to consumers and support access to electric vehicle supply equipment. In order for Washington to have reliable, accessible, and competitive markets for electric vehicle supply equipment that are necessary for the movement of goods and people by electric vehicles, interoperability standards that align with national and international best practices or standards are necessary.
(2) By January 1, 2023, the department, in consultation with the department of commerce and the Washington utilities and transportation commission, must adopt rules establishing requirements for all electric vehicle service providers to, at a minimum, meet and maintain nonproprietary interoperability standards for publicly available level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment and direct current fast charger electric vehicle supply equipment and may review and, if necessary, amend the rules every two years, to maintain consistency with evolving technology. The requirements shall not provide that any charging provider must purchase or license proprietary technology or software from any other company, and shall not require that companies maintain interoperability agreements with other companies.
(3) For the purpose of this section, "interoperability" means the ability of hardware, software, or a communications network provided by one party, vendor, or service provider to interact with or exchange and make use of information, including payment information, between hardware, software, or a communications network provided by a different party, vendor, or service provider.
(4) The requirements of this section shall not apply to publicly available electric vehicle supply equipment provided by a manufacturer of electric vehicles for the exclusive use by vehicles it manufactures.
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