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Chapter 19.94 RCW



HTMLPDF 19.94.005Findings.
HTMLPDF 19.94.010DefinitionsDirector may prescribe by rule.
HTMLPDF 19.94.015Commercial use of instrument or deviceRegistrationFees.
HTMLPDF 19.94.150Standards recognized.
HTMLPDF 19.94.160State standards.
HTMLPDF 19.94.163Testing by departmentEnsuring enforcementIssuance of seal of approvalException.
HTMLPDF 19.94.175RegistrationInspection and testingFeesReport.
HTMLPDF 19.94.185Deposit of moneysWeights and measures accountGeneral fund.
HTMLPDF 19.94.190EnforcementRulesPenalties.
HTMLPDF 19.94.205Correct and incorrectInstruments, devices, weights, measuresWhen deemed.
HTMLPDF 19.94.216Department inspectionCity sealerFees.
HTMLPDF 19.94.220Investigations.
HTMLPDF 19.94.230Inspections and tests to determine conformity to lawOff sale orderMarks, tags, stamps.
HTMLPDF 19.94.240Stop-use, stop-removal, and removal orders.
HTMLPDF 19.94.250Inspection of instrument or device to determine if correctRejection or seizureConfiscation or destructionUse of incorrect instrument or deviceNotice.
HTMLPDF 19.94.255Correction of rejected weights and measures.
HTMLPDF 19.94.258Service agentRegistration certificate.
HTMLPDF 19.94.2582Service agentRegistration certificateRenewalCompetency examinationFeeDecisionDenialNoticeRefund.
HTMLPDF 19.94.2584Service agentRegistration certificateRevocation, suspension, refusal to renewAppeal.
HTMLPDF 19.94.260RejectionSeizure for use as evidenceEntry of premisesSearch warrant.
HTMLPDF 19.94.265GrievancesProcedureNoticeHearingRules.
HTMLPDF 19.94.280City sealers and deputiesAppointment, removalRecord, reportTesting of devices and instrumentsSeal of approval.
HTMLPDF 19.94.310City sealers and deputiesDuties of governing bodySealer to have standards comparison made every two years.
HTMLPDF 19.94.320City sealersDirectorGeneral oversight powers, concurrent authorityPowers and duties of chapter are additional.
HTMLPDF 19.94.325Service agentInspection and testing of weights and measuresSeal of approvalFeesViolationPenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.94.340Sale of commoditiesMeasurementExceptionsRules to assure good practice and accuracy.
HTMLPDF 19.94.350Packaged commodities in intrastate commerceDeclaration of contents on outsideRules.
HTMLPDF 19.94.360Declaration of price on outside of package.
HTMLPDF 19.94.370Misleading wrappers, containers of packaged commoditiesStandards of fill required.
HTMLPDF 19.94.390Price not to be misleading, deceiving, misrepresentedFractionsExamination procedure standardDepartment may reviseElectronic scanner screen visibility.
HTMLPDF 19.94.400Meat, fish, poultry to be sold by weightExceptions.
HTMLPDF 19.94.410Butter, margarine to be sold by weight.
HTMLPDF 19.94.420Fluid dairy products to be packaged for retail sale in certain units.
HTMLPDF 19.94.430Packaged flour to be sold by weight.
HTMLPDF 19.94.440Commodities sold in bulkDelivery tickets.
HTMLPDF 19.94.450Solid fuels to be sold by weight, cubic measureDelivery tickets.
HTMLPDF 19.94.460Heating oilsDelivery ticketsStatements.
HTMLPDF 19.94.470Berries and small fruit.
HTMLPDF 19.94.480Fractional units as fractional value.
HTMLPDF 19.94.485ContractsConstruction.
HTMLPDF 19.94.490Obstruction of director or sealer in performance of dutiesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.94.500Impersonation of director or sealerPenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.94.507Gasoline delivered to service stationsInvoice required.
HTMLPDF 19.94.510Unlawful practicesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.94.515Unlawful commercial use of instrument or devicePenalty.
HTMLPDF 19.94.517Incorrect commercial instrument or device to benefit of owner/operatorPenaltiesAppeal.
HTMLPDF 19.94.520Injunction against violations.
HTMLPDF 19.94.530Proof of existence of weighing or measuring instrument or device presumed proof of regular use.
HTMLPDF 19.94.540Antifreeze productsUse of aversive agent.
HTMLPDF 19.94.542Antifreeze productsAversive agentsLimitation of liability.
HTMLPDF 19.94.544Antifreeze productsAversive agentsApplication.
HTMLPDF 19.94.550Electric vehicle supply equipmentPublicly available.
HTMLPDF 19.94.555Electric vehicle supply equipment exemptions.
HTMLPDF 19.94.560Electric vehicle service provider disclosures.
HTMLPDF 19.94.565Department rules for electric vehicle service providers.
HTMLPDF 19.94.570Electric vehicle supply equipment interoperability standards.
HTMLPDF 19.94.575Electric vehicle service providers operating one or more publicly available level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment or direct current fast charger electric vehicle supply equipment.
HTMLPDF 19.94.580Electric vehicle service provider penalties.
HTMLPDF 19.94.585Charging sessionConsumer data disclosure.
HTMLPDF 19.94.900Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 19.94.920Effective date1992 c 237.