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Electric vehicle supply equipment exemptions.

(1) Publicly available electric vehicle supply equipment is exempt from compliance with the requirements of RCW 19.94.560 through 19.94.570 if:
(a) Members of the public may use the electric vehicle supply equipment at no cost, including no charges, fees, memberships, minimum balance on an account, and other cost at all times; and
(b) It is clearly marked that the electric vehicle supply equipment is available for use at no cost at all times.
(2) RCW 19.94.560 through 19.94.575 do not apply to:
(a) Workplace electric vehicle supply equipment and its associated parking spaces if it is clearly marked and operated as available exclusively to employees or contracted drivers, regardless of the physical accessibility of the electric vehicle supply equipment to the public;
(b) Electric vehicle supply equipment and associated parking spaces reserved exclusively for residents, tenants, visitors, or employees of a private residence or common interest community; or a residential building adjacent to a private residence;
(c) Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment located on or near the curb of a residential electric utility customer's property, directly connected to that residential electric utility customer's meter, and intended to serve only that residential electric utility customer;
(d) Electric vehicle supply equipment and associated parking spaces provided by a vehicle dealer licensed under chapter 46.70 RCW at its established place of business.
(3) The director may by rule provide exemptions from compliance with some or all requirements of this chapter to benefit the public and provide protections to consumers, including electric vehicle supply equipment that is not available or intended for use by the public but where charges, fees, or other costs are required to initiate a charging session.
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