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Service agentInspection and testing of weights and measuresSeal of approvalFeesViolationPenalty.

(1) Except as otherwise provided for in this chapter or in any rule adopted under the authority of this chapter, any person who engages in business within this state as a service agent shall biennially submit to the department for inspection and testing all weights and measures standards used by the service agent, or any agent or employee of the service agent. If the department finds such weights and measures standards to be correct, the director shall issue an official seal of approval for each such standard.
(2) The department may by rule adopt reasonable fees for the inspection and testing services performed by the weights and measures laboratory pursuant to this section.
(3) A service agent shall not use any weight or measure standard that does not have a valid, official seal of approval from the director to install, inspect, adjust, repair, or recondition any weighing or measuring instrument or device. Any service agent who violates this section is subject to a civil penalty to be assessed by the director ranging up to one thousand dollars per occurrence.


Effective date2019 c 96: See note following RCW 19.94.160.
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