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DefinitionsDirector may prescribe by rule.

(1) The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter and to any rules adopted pursuant to this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(a) "City" means a first-class city or a code city, as defined in RCW 35A.01.035, with a population of over fifty thousand persons.
(b) "City sealer" means the person duly authorized by a city to enforce and administer the weights and measures program within such city and any duly appointed deputy sealer acting under the instructions and at the direction of the city sealer.
(c) "Commodity in package form" means a commodity put up or packaged in any manner in advance of sale in units suitable for either wholesale or retail sale, exclusive, however, of an auxiliary shipping container enclosing packages that individually conform to the requirements of this chapter. An individual item or lot of any commodity not in packaged form, but on which there is marked a selling price based on established price per unit of weight or of measure, shall be construed to be a commodity in package form.
(d) "Consumer package" or "package of consumer commodity" means a commodity in package form that is customarily produced or distributed for sale through retail sales agencies or instrumentalities for consumption by persons, or used by persons for the purpose of personal care or in the performance of services ordinarily rendered in or about a household or in connection with personal possessions.
(e) "Cord" means the measurement of wood intended for fuel or pulp purposes that is contained in a space of one hundred twenty-eight cubic feet, when the wood is ranked and well stowed.
(f) "Department" means the department of agriculture of the state of Washington.
(g) "Director" means the director of the department or duly authorized representative acting under the instructions and at the direction of the director.
(h) "Fish" means any waterbreathing animal, including shellfish, such as, but not limited to, lobster, clam, crab, or other mollusca that is prepared, processed, sold, or intended for sale.
(i) "Net weight" means the weight of a commodity excluding any materials, substances, or items not considered to be part of such commodity. Materials, substances, or items not considered to be part of a commodity shall include, but are not limited to, containers, conveyances, bags, wrappers, packaging materials, labels, individual piece coverings, decorative accompaniments, and coupons.
(j) "Nonconsumer package" or "package of nonconsumer commodity" means a commodity in package form other than a consumer package and particularly a package designed solely for industrial or institutional use or for wholesale distribution only.
(k) "Meat" means and shall include all animal flesh, carcasses, or parts of animals, and shall also include fish, shellfish, game, poultry, and meat food products of every kind and character, whether fresh, frozen, cooked, cured, or processed.
(l) "Official seal of approval" means the seal or certificate issued by the director or city sealer which indicates that a secondary weights and measures standard or a weighing or measuring instrument or device conforms with the specifications, tolerances, and other technical requirements adopted in RCW 19.94.190.
(m) "Person" means any individual, receiver, administrator, executor, assignee, trustee in bankruptcy, trust, estate, firm, copartnership, joint venture, club, company, business trust, corporation, association, society, or any group of individuals acting as a unit, whether mutual, cooperative, fraternal, nonprofit, or otherwise.
(n) "Poultry" means all fowl, domestic or wild, that is prepared, processed, sold, or intended or offered for sale.
(o) "Service agent" means a person who for hire, award, commission, or any other payment of any kind, installs, tests, inspects, checks, adjusts, repairs, reconditions, or systematically standardizes the graduations of a weighing or measuring instrument or device.
(p) "Ton" means a unit of two thousand pounds avoirdupois weight.
(q) "Weighing or measuring instrument or device" means any equipment or apparatus used commercially to establish the size, quantity, capacity, count, extent, area, heaviness, or measurement of quantities, things, produce, or articles for distribution or consumption, that are purchased, offered or submitted for sale, hire, or award on the basis of weight, measure or count, including any accessory attached to or used in connection with a weighing or measuring instrument or device when such accessory is so designed or installed that its operation affects, or may effect, the accuracy or indication of the device. This definition shall be strictly limited to those weighing or measuring instruments or devices governed by Handbook 44 as adopted under RCW 19.94.190.
(r) "Weight" means net weight as defined in this section.
(s) "Weights and measures" means the recognized standards or units of measure used to indicate the size, quantity, capacity, count, extent, area, heaviness, or measurement of any consumable commodity.
(t) "Secondary weights and measures standard" means the physical standards that are traceable to the primary standards through comparisons, used by the director, a city sealer, or a service agent that under specified conditions defines or represents a recognized weight or measure during the inspection, adjustment, testing, or systematic standardization of the graduations of any weighing or measuring instrument or device.
(2) The director shall prescribe by rule other definitions as may be necessary for the implementation of this chapter.


Effective date2019 c 96: See note following RCW 19.94.160.
ApplicationEffective dates1995 c 355: See notes following RCW 19.94.015.
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