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Upon compliance by the applicant with the requirements of this chapter, the secretary of state shall issue a certificate of registration and deliver it to the applicant. The certificate of registration shall be issued under the signature of the secretary of state and the seal of the state, and it shall show the registrant's name and business address and, if the registrant is a corporation, its state of incorporation, the date claimed for the first use of the trademark anywhere, the date claimed for the first use of the trademark in this state, the particular goods or services for which the trademark is used, the class in which such goods and services fall, a reproduction of the trademark, the registration date and the term of the registration.
Any certificate of registration issued by the secretary of state under the provisions hereof or a copy thereof duly certified by the secretary of state shall be admissible in any action or judicial proceeding in any court of this state as prima facie evidence of:
(1) The validity of the registration of the trademark;
(2) The registrant's ownership of the trademark; and
(3) The registrant's exclusive right to use the trademark in this state in connection with the goods or services specified in the certificate, subject to any conditions and limitations stated in the certificate.
Registration of a trademark under this chapter shall be constructive notice of the registrant's claim of ownership of the trademark throughout this state.
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