Chapter 19.77 RCW



19.77.020Registration of certain trademarks prohibited.
19.77.030Application for registrationFeeRulesCorrectionsAmendment for change in categoriesCertificates issued in error.
19.77.040Certificate of registrationIssuanceContentsAdmissibility in evidence.
19.77.050Duration of certificateRenewalFeesRules.
19.77.060Assignment of trademark, registration, or applicationFeeRules.
19.77.070Secretary of state to keep records.
19.77.080Secretary of state must cancel certain registrations.
19.77.090Actions relating to registrationService on secretary of stateAssessmentSet by rule.
19.77.115Classification of goods and services.
19.77.130Fraudulent registrationFinancial liability.
19.77.140Trademark imitation.
19.77.150Remedies of registrants.
19.77.160Injunctive relief for owners of famous marks.
19.77.170Use of trademark employed by alien person outside of United StatesLimitation of damages, reliefExceptions.
19.77.900Common law rights preserved prior to registration.
19.77.910Saving1955 c 211.
19.77.930Construction1989 c 72.
19.77.940Prospective application1989 c 72.


Crimes relating to trademarks: Chapter 9.16 RCW.
Materials specifically authorized to be printed and distributed by secretary of state: RCW 43.07.140.