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Commission to contract with nonprofit entitySafety committeeReview of violations of chapter.

(1) The commission must contract with a statewide, nonprofit entity whose purpose is to reduce damages to underground and above ground facilities, promote safe excavation practices, and review complaints of alleged violations of this chapter. The contract must not obligate funding by the commission for activities performed by the nonprofit entity or the safety committee under this section.
(2) The contracting entity must create a safety committee to:
(a) Advise the commission and other state agencies, the legislature, and local governments on best practices and training to prevent damage to underground utilities, and policies to enhance worker and public safety; and
(b) Review complaints alleging violations of this chapter involving practices related to underground facilities.
(3)(a) The safety committee will consist of thirteen members, who must be nominated by represented groups and appointed by the contracting entity to staggered three-year terms. The safety committee must include representatives of:
(i) Local governments;
(ii) A natural gas utility subject to regulation under Titles 80 and 81 RCW;
(iii) Contractors;
(iv) Excavators;
(v) An electric utility subject to regulation under Title 80 RCW;
(vi) A consumer-owned utility, as defined in RCW 19.27A.140;
(vii) A pipeline company;
(viii) A water-sewer district subject to regulation under Title 57 RCW;
(ix) The commission; and
(x) A telecommunications company.
(b) The safety committee may pass bylaws and provide for those organizational processes that are necessary to complete the safety committee's tasks.
(4) The safety committee must meet at least once every three months.
(5) The safety committee may review complaints of alleged violations of this chapter involving practices related to underground facilities. Any person may bring a complaint to the safety committee regarding an alleged violation occurring on or after January 1, 2013.
(6) To review complaints of alleged violations, the safety committee must appoint at least three and not more than five members as a review committee. The review committee must be a balanced group, including at least one excavator and one facility operator.
(7) Before reviewing a complaint alleging a violation of this chapter, the review committee must notify the person making the complaint and the alleged violator of its review and of the opportunity to participate.
(8) The safety committee may provide written notification to the commission, with supporting documentation, that a person has likely committed a violation of this chapter, and recommend remedial action that may include a penalty amount, training, or education to improve public safety, or some combination thereof.


ReportEffective date2011 c 263: See notes following RCW 19.122.010.
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