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Report of damage to underground facility.

(1) Facility operators and excavators who observe or cause damage to an underground facility must report the damage event to the commission.
(2) A nonpipeline facility operator conducting an excavation, or a subcontractor conducting an excavation on the facility operator's behalf, that strikes the facility operator's own underground facility is not required to report that damage event to the commission.
(3) Reports must be made to the commission's office of pipeline safety within forty-five days of the damage event, or sooner if required by law, using the commission's virtual private damage information reporting tool (DIRT) report form, or other similar form if it reports:
(a) The name of the person submitting the report and whether the person is an excavator, a representative of a one-number locator service, or a facility operator;
(b) The date and time of the damage event;
(c) The address where the damage event occurred;
(d) The type of right-of-way, where the damage event occurred, including but not limited to city street, state highway, or utility easement;
(e) The type of underground facility damaged, including but not limited to pipes, transmission pipelines, distribution lines, sewers, conduits, cables, valves, lines, wires, manholes, attachments, or parts of poles or anchors below ground;
(f) The type of utility service or commodity the underground facility stores or conveys, including but not limited to electronic, telephonic or telegraphic communications, water, sewage, cablevision, electric energy, petroleum products, gas, gaseous vapors, hazardous liquids, or other substances;
(g) The type of excavator involved, including but not limited to contractors or facility operators;
(h) The excavation equipment used, including but not limited to augers, bulldozers, backhoes, or hand tools;
(i) The type of excavation being performed, including but not limited to drainage, grading, or landscaping;
(j) Whether a one-number locator service was notified before excavation commenced, and, if so, the excavation confirmation code provided by a one-number locator service;
(k) If applicable:
(i) The person who located the underground facility, and their employer;
(ii) Whether underground facility marks were visible in the proposed excavation area before excavation commenced;
(iii) Whether underground facilities were marked correctly;
(l) Whether an excavator experienced interruption of work as a result of the damage event;
(m) A description of the damage; and
(n) Whether the damage caused an interruption of underground facility service.
(4) The commission must use reported data to evaluate the effectiveness of the damage prevention program.


ReportEffective date2011 c 263: See notes following RCW 19.122.010.
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