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Reciprocal agreements with other states.

(1) The secretary may enter into reciprocal agreements with the appropriate authority of any other state for the purpose of exchanging information with respect to charitable organizations and commercial fund-raisers.
(2) Pursuant to such agreements the secretary may:
(a) Accept information filed by a charitable organization or commercial fund-raisers with the appropriate authority of another state in lieu of the information required to be filed in accordance with this chapter, if the information is substantially similar to the information required under this chapter; and
(b) Grant exemptions from the requirements for the filing of annual registration statements with the office to charitable organizations organized under the laws of another state having their principal place of business outside this state whose funds are derived principally from sources outside this state and that have been exempted from the filing of registration statements by the statute under whose laws they are organized if such a state has a statute similar in substance to this chapter.
(3) The secretary may adopt rules relating to reciprocal agreements consistent with this section.
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