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Charitable advisory council.

(1) The secretary is authorized to create a charitable advisory council to consist of at least eleven, but not more than twenty-one, members. Members of a charitable advisory council shall:
(a) Be appointed by the secretary, with all members serving at the pleasure of the secretary and all terms expiring no later than the term of the appointing secretary;
(b) Represent a broad range of charities by size, purpose, geographic region of the state, and general expertise in the management and leadership of charitable organizations; and
(c) Annually vote to elect one of its members to serve as chairperson.
(2) The secretary shall not compensate members of the charitable advisory council but may provide reimbursement to members for expenses that are incurred in the conduct of their official duties.
(3) The charitable advisory council shall advise the secretary in determining training and educational needs of charitable organizations and model policies related to governance and administration of charitable organizations in accordance with fiduciary principles, assist the secretary in identifying emerging issues and trends affecting charitable organizations, and advise the secretary on other related issues at the request of the secretary.
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