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ApplicationsProcedureQualificationsEligibility to take examination.

No person, unless registered or licensed to practice veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry in this state at the time this chapter shall become operative, shall begin the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry without first applying for and obtaining a license for such purpose from the secretary. In order to procure a license to practice veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry in the state of Washington, the applicant for such license shall file his or her application at least sixty days prior to date of examination upon a form furnished by the secretary of health, which, in addition to the fee provided by this chapter, shall be accompanied by satisfactory evidence that he or she is at least eighteen years of age and of good moral character, and by official transcripts or other evidence of graduation from a veterinary college satisfactory to and approved by the board. Said application shall be signed by the applicant and sworn to by him or her before some person authorized to administer oaths. When such application and the accompanying evidence are found satisfactory, the secretary shall notify the applicant to appear before the board for the next examination. In addition, applicants shall be subject to grounds for denial or issuance of a conditional license under chapter 18.130 RCW.
Nothing in this chapter shall preclude the board from permitting a person who has completed a portion of his or her educational program as determined by the board, in a veterinary college recognized by the board, to take the examination or any part thereof prior to satisfying the requirements for application for a license: PROVIDED HOWEVER, That no license shall be issued to such applicant until such requirements are satisfied.


Severability1986 c 259: See note following RCW 18.130.010.
Severability1971 ex.s. c 292: See note following RCW 26.28.010.
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