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Licensing exemptions.

Nothing in this chapter applies to:
(1) Commissioned veterinarians in the United States military services or veterinarians employed by Washington state and federal agencies while performing official duties;
(2) A person practicing veterinary medicine upon his or her own animal;
(3) A person advising with respect to or performing the castrating and dehorning of cattle, castrating and docking of sheep, castrating of swine, caponizing of poultry, or artificial insemination of animals;
(4)(a) A person who is a regularly enrolled student in a veterinary school or training course approved under RCW 18.92.015 and performing duties or actions assigned by his or her instructors or working under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian during a school vacation period or (b) a person performing assigned duties under the supervision of a veterinarian within the established framework of an internship program recognized by the board;
(5) A veterinarian regularly licensed in another state consulting with a licensed veterinarian in this state;
(6) A veterinary technician or veterinary medication clerk acting under the supervision and control of a licensed veterinarian. The practice of a veterinary technician or veterinary medication clerk is limited to the performance of services which are authorized by the board;
(7) An owner being assisted in practice by his or her employees when employed in the conduct of the owner's business;
(8) An owner being assisted in practice by some other person gratuitously;
(9) The implanting in their own animals of any electronic device for identifying animals by established humane societies and animal control organizations that provide appropriate training, as determined by the veterinary board of governors, and/or direct or indirect supervision by a licensed veterinarian;
(10) The implanting of any electronic device by a public fish and wildlife agency for the identification of fish or wildlife.
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