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Agency license requirements.

(1) In addition to meeting the minimum requirements to obtain a license as a bail bond agent, a qualified agent must meet the following additional requirements to obtain a bail bond agency license:
(a) Pass an examination determined by the director to measure the person's knowledge and competence in the bail bond agency business; or
(b) Have had at least three years' experience as a manager, supervisor, or administrator in the bail bond business or a related field in Washington state as determined by the director. A year's experience means not less than two thousand hours of actual compensated work performed before the filing of an application. An applicant shall substantiate the experience by written certifications from previous employers. If the applicant is unable to supply written certifications from previous employers, applicants may offer written certifications from persons other than employers who, based on personal knowledge, can substantiate the employment; and
(c) Pay any additional fees as established by the director.
(2) An agency license issued under this section may not be assigned or transferred without prior written approval of the director.
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