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Agent license requirements.

*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 1889-S.SL) ***
An applicant must meet the following minimum requirements to obtain a bail bond agent license:
(1) Be at least eighteen years of age;
(2) Be a citizen or resident alien of the United States;
(3) Not have been convicted of a crime in any jurisdiction in the preceding ten years, if the director determines that the applicant's particular crime directly relates to a capacity to perform the duties of a bail bond agent and the director determines that the license should be withheld to protect the citizens of Washington state. If the director shall make a determination to withhold a license because of previous convictions, the determination shall be consistent with the restoration of employment rights act, chapter 9.96A RCW;
(4) Be employed by a bail bond agency or be licensed as a bail bond agency; and
(5) Pay the required fee.
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