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Prior notice of well construction, reconstruction, or decommissioning.

A property owner or the owner's agent shall notify the department of his or her intent to begin well construction, reconstruction, or decommissioning procedures at least seventy-two hours in advance of commencing work. The notice shall be submitted on forms provided by the department and shall be accompanied by the fees required by RCW 18.104.055. The notice shall contain the name of the owner of the well, location of the well, proposed use, approximate start date, well contractor's or operator's name and license number, company's name, and other pertinent information as prescribed by rule of the department. Rules of the department shall also provide for prior telephonic notification by well contractors or operators in exceptional situations. The department shall issue a receipt indicating that the notice required by this section has been filed and the fees required by RCW 18.104.055 have been paid not later than three business days after the department has received the notice and fees.
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