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Promotional programs, research, rate studies, labeling.

The commission shall provide for programs designed to support sustainable stewardship of cattle and the environment; increase the consumption of beef; develop more efficient methods for the production, processing, handling and marketing of beef; eliminate transportation rate inequalities on feed grains and supplements and other production supplies adversely affecting Washington producers; properly identify beef and beef products for consumers as to quality and origin. For these purposes the commission may:
(1) Provide for programs for advertising, sales promotion and education, locally, nationally or internationally, for maintaining present markets and/or creating new or larger markets for beef. Such programs shall be directed toward increasing the sale of beef and shall neither make use of false or unwarranted claims in behalf of beef nor disparage the quality, value, sale or use of any other agricultural commodity;
(2) Provide for research: (a) To develop and discover the health, food, therapeutic, and dietetic value of beef and beef products; and (b) to develop materials, education, and programs related to health and safety of beef and beef products and the sustainable stewardship of cattle and the environment;
(3) Make grants to research agencies for financing studies related to beef health, beef production, processing, handling, and marketing, which may include funds for the acquisition of equipment and facilities;
(4) Disseminate reliable information founded upon the research undertaken under this chapter or otherwise available;
(5) Provide for rate studies and participate in rate hearings connected with problems of beef production, processing, handling or marketing; and
(6) Provide for proper labeling of beef and beef products so that the purchaser and the consuming public of the state will be readily apprised of the quality of the product and how and where it was processed.
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